Meet the Designer

Hello, it is a pleasure to have you stop by! I'm Juliah, the founder and designer of Easy Piecy Quilts patterns.

I started Easy Piecy Quilts three years ago after designing "Yes He Loves Me".  It was a quilt I made for my sister as she was going through a difficult time in her life.  When I gave her that quilt, we both cried.  In that moment, I realized quilts can heal and connect us in a meaningful way.  Even the quilts made by my great grandmother, who I never knew, prove a connection that spans time!

Easy Piecy Quilts was born out of the desire to use our quilted creations to unify and strengthen our lives, families and communities (and have some fun too).  I hope you find a pattern that speaks to your heart and in so creating it, builds an unbreakable bond with someone in your life!

Many Blessings,